Internet Discoveries – Matthew Frost

I went exploring today and found an interesting filmmaker.


The Lonely Lamp

We all need love. Maybe even the lamps.

Sunday – Bald Melon Blaze

Some time ago I came across the following video from filmmaker Salomon Ligthelm -   I became aware of Mr. Ligthelm's work from the blogs of The Musicbed and Film Supply. They also made a documentary - MakeĀ - which features Mr. Ligthelm and Reed Morano. It's an interesting film that provides some insight into their... Continue Reading →

A Heartfelt Plea – Video

Below is my latest video. It has taken longer to put together than I would have likedĀ but I am pleased with the result. This is a sequel (of sorts) to a short I made called "The Gypsy Curse that Done Me Wrong". You can see that here.

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